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Brand Value Reinforcement

Having trouble with unauthorized sellers and retailers breaking MAP? We not only adhere to all MAP pricing, we also actively look for MAP breakers of the products we carry.

Content Optimization

In the world of retail, if you aren’t seen, you don’t exist.  The correct presentation converts to sales,  We are a master optimizer of keyword research, professional photos, copy and other key variables. We improve products we sell.

Payment on Delivery

We only partner with great brands, We know they will deliver incredible products. With this trust, we are able to pay upfront for goods. This eliminates any potential cash flow issues from affecting our brand partner's financials.

We know who our customer is and we’re a company completely

focused on delivering exactly what they crave.

Jane Jacobs

What Sets Us Apart

In the current world of retail, main street and online, delivering the correct mix of vision and data intelligence is necessary for survival. We have built and optimized processes to assist brand growth and we implement them at no cost to the Brands we carry as a retailer.

  • Protect Retail Brand's Value through Monitoring
  • Customer Outreach Marketing and Follow Up
  • Constant Sales Data Analysis

How We Compare

Product Review Monitoring
MAP Policing
Digital Advertising
Ongoing Improvement

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Hazoo is the source for all things shopping.  From Automotive to Clothing to Sporting Goods, The retailer you do not want to skip on your hunt for the perfect gift or to pamper yourself.

Texas XL is a retailer for Texas owner and produced items as well as products that scream, "I Love Texas!"    We spread Texas Pride all across the USA!

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