About Crosshairs Marketing

Who We Are

Crosshairs Marketing is an omnichannel retailer and supply chain partner that focuses on online visibility and brand building.   Our goal is to serve our customers with amazing products and deliver industry-leading customer support both in-store and online.  

Our Core Values

Integrity in Every Step – Honesty and transparency make our relationships better and build a solid foundation.

Deep Respect– We hold our customers, our vendors and our employees’ needs and concerns with great respect. Without them, our company is a failure.

Daily Candor – Strong, open two-way communication leads to strong relationships. Actively seeking honest feedback and providing thoughtful solutions improve our mission to serve.

Forward Vision– Lessons from yesterday and today fuel our path for the future. Our abundant future is meant to be shared with our partners.

Our Approach

We believe the best strategy for attracting and keeping more customers is basically a two-part formula:

  1. Be in front of them when they need the products we sell
  2. Treating them with respect, like good people should be treated, and make sure they are pleasantly surprised by our shining customer service

Why should you work with us?

We believe in building lasting relationships with our brand owners. This makes us very selective when accepting new brands to represent.  We know that all strong relationships, as well as strong marketing plans, take a lot of time.  For these reasons, we choose to only work with brands who see the value in strong relationships.

Our favorite brands know their customers and want to give their customers the outstanding quality product they would want for themselves.  With quality comes brand value, with brand value comes more customers.  Some companies do not understand this concept and cut corners to make a cheap product.

Some retailers do not understand this concept either. They break MAP because they might not understand they are hurting the brand, and themselves.  We not only adhere to all MAP pricing, we actively record MAP breakers.

It takes time for us to do this but we understand devaluing a brand’s pricing can lead to a loss of market share and distrust by customers and retailers alike.  For this reason, we stand strong and always sell at or above MAP. When we find companies breaking MAP, we help brand owners find them as well.


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